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happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving all! i hope it is filled with joy, laughter, and thanks to our wonderful creator who was given us so so much! 🙂 have a wonderful day!

birthday photo dump

sooooo, this is super duper late... (my birthday is in sept.)but i had a tiny two day trip for my birthday with a few of my friends. i wanted to share the photos we took. (we took a million! haha. jk. not that much. but a lot!) hereeeee goes....

fall bucket list

happy fall people. literally my favorite season! the LEAVES, the CANDLES, the COZY FEELING, and the CLOTHING. a lot of people do bucket lists, and so i wanted to do one too! i've done them in the past, but i don't think i have ever followed up on what i've done. so on the last …


hairstyle series: fancy low braid-bun

hey, hey! this week's hairstyle is.... FANCY LOW BRAID-BUN the inspiration: my recreation: tools: pink precision beauty hairbrush black goody hairbands black conair hair pins black conair comb here is the EXACT tutorial! down here. 👇 did i do a good job? did you like this hairstyle? comment below! i absolutely love hearing from …